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fredag 11 oktober 2013

BNP News mail


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EDL have a home with the BNP
"You have a home with us!" was the clear BNP message to EDL activists whose 'leader' this week turned his back on the organisation.
EDL 'leader' Tommy Robinson abandoned the EDL on Wednesday to live fat off his government salary after hurling one last insult at those who supported him all these years by dismissing them as 'morons' and 'extremists'.
Who was 'Tommy'? 
Appearing out of thin air, Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Lennon) quickly received unprecedented air-time for a 'nationalist' leader by the same controlled media outlets that deny the BNP publicity and collectively attack us at every opportunity.

Suspicions that Robinson had paymasters in high places were further raised when presenters such as the formidable Jeremy Paxman were uncharacteristically lenient on him.

But it wasn't long before the true nature of Robinson's Zionist backers was laid bare when he announced that he was becoming joint leader of a newly created, and ill-fated pro-Zionist 'nationalist' political party in Britain.

Unable to harness the backing of EDL activists – not least because of an in depth, well researched exposé by the BNP on his shady Zionist links – Robinson abandoned all hopes of deceiving the patriotic English working class to support the Zionist/Marxist international agenda.

With crisis comes opportunity

With the crisis of Robinson's betrayal of the EDL, comes the greatest opportunities for true English patriots.

For the first time in years, we have the opportunity to unite and stand together to achieve so much more!

Robinson put much of his energy into dividing nationalists and bullying EDL activists into giving up their BNP membership while he led the EDL down a blind-alley.

More recently however, many EDL activists have begun returning to the BNP having realised that the EDL had achieved all it could at street level.

These dedicated and clued-up English patriots wanted substance. They wanted to accomplish much more in our fight against Islamisation and the corrupt politicians that created the problem – and with the BNP, that are doing exactly that!

The days of division are over! Now we stand together side-by-side as a much stronger force on the political scene.

EDL activists and supporters have always had a home in the BNP – and that has never been more the case that in is now!

A call for unity

It's a very exciting time for real English and British nationalists as together we seize the opportunity to unite and grow and become a far greater force than our enemies have ever feared!

The BNP is the perfect home for nationalists: we operate a clear distinction between politics and street-level activism.

You don't have to be clued-up in the way of community politics, standing to champion the rights of British people in the council chamber and represent decent, hardworking local people in your area – dedicated street activists are also an integral and essential part of our political organisation.

It was just such street-activists that helped Nick Griffin MEP highlight our ongoing 'Justice for Charlene Downes' campaign and our demands for justice for the victims of Muslim Paedophile Grooming Gangs which prey on our young girls.

Nick brought this issue to the British public and faced a 7-years prison sentence for doing so, five years before Robinson attempted to hijack it.

The latest achievement of North West England MEP, Nick Griffin and the BNP in stopping Cameron bombing Syria and sending more British troops to die in another war that has nothing to do with us, is nothing short of astounding!

An achievement that no other single political party in British history has come close to doing... and you find out exactly how we did that by watching this video.

It's been kept out of the controlled media of course, because the corrupt Establishment is terrified of the BNP!

As you can see, the BNP makes all the difference – and with us, you can too!

You have a home in the BNP! So what are you waiting for?

Join the BNP today because together we will make the Islamist invaders and the corrupt political Establishment in Britain feel the full force of a united front of proud English and British patriots.

Let's make it happen. If you are not already a member, you belong with us – join today!
If you can't join the BNP for any reason, you can do your bit by donating online here or making a cheque or postal order payable to 'British Heritage' and sending it to PO Box 213, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 7AL.
Please share this email with all your contacts and get them to do the same – also, click the blue Facebook icon at the very top of this email to post this email on your wall – we need to reach all of those disenchanted EDL members let down by Tommy Robinson.

Seize the moment, this crisis really does present you with the greatest opportunity to make a real difference. You've been denied in far too long – you belong with the BNP!
Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin MEP
BNP Chairman

P.S. Proud patriotic member of the EDL? You have a home in the BNP. Join us today and achieve so much more in our collective fight to stop the Islamisation of Britain and the corrupt Establishment that created the problem.
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