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söndag 10 augusti 2014


Outrage as BNP Councillor is charged – AGAIN
Dear fellow patriot,
My friend BNP Cllr Dawn Charlton has been charged AGAIN by Cumbria Police! 

Yes, it really is unbelievable – this is the THIRD time in 12 months while fighting for the Cause. The people behind the harassment? The exact same cowardly Labour Councillors.

Labour were so worried about the level of BNP support in Maryport, Cumbria, that they actually moved their number three NW EU candidate from Newcastle to live in the town during the elections.

There she gathered together every Labour Councillor in the surrounding area and put out at least eight vicious anti-BNP leaflets, before dumping handfuls of their slanderous rubbish on Dawn’s front lawn and driveway.

Dawn politely returned them by herself to the gang of four Labour men.

At the helm was Cllr Keith Little, the very same Labour Councillor that Dawn took 42% of his vote from last year, and who only clung on to his seat by election fraud.

Peering over his shoulder was Labour’s Cllr Peter Kendle, ex-Mayor and BNP wreath thief – both complainants in the infamous “Peanutgate” case by the way!

You may recall that case: Both Cllr Dawn Charlton and fellow Maryport Councillor Clive Jefferson became victims of police persecution following dawn raids on their properties as a result of Labour Councillors taking offence at a BNP leaflet distributed in their area with the old English adage ‘pay peanuts get monkeys.’

Solicitors representing the BNP lodged three claims against Cumbria Police on Dawn and Clive’s behalf for false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and more.

It appears these forced Cumbria Police to think again before smashing doors of rival Councillors at 5 a.m. because that was four months ago and nothing since was heard or said.

Then arrived the DAY BEFORE the European Elections when Little, Kendle and other various Labour serial liars took the decision that a month earlier they had suffered “alarm or distress” by words said to them – four men – by Dawn all by herself.

So 'distressed' that it took the four of them a whole month to recover and make a complaint on a day that just happened to be the eve before elections!

After the election both Councillors 'surrendered' and visited the police station where they provided interviews accompanied by solicitors.

Solicitors dismissed the case describing it as a ‘joke’, and so hopelessly transparent was Labour’s attempt at slandering Dawn that even the police told her that they were “not falling for Labour’s rubbish this time”!

So the abuse of power seemingly came to an end – that was until a week last Tuesday, when the summons dropped on Dawn’s doormat, signed by the number two police commander in the county Chief Inspector Rutherford!

Chief Inspector authorising a court case for breach of the peace above the head of the interviewing CID officer who himself was a Sergeant?

I would say that this is an unprecedented case, a scandalous one, and one that needs to be STOPPED NOW!
Donate to the BNP Fighting Fund now
Today our hard working and hugely popular BNP Cllr Dawn Charlton faces more months of harassment and stressful court appearances.

Dawn is up in court on Friday, and I want to send in a BNP hammer to deliver a crushing blow to the corrupt Cumbria CPS and the political police.

We know just the man for the job, but his expertise comes at a price – the best Criminal QCs do – but I firmly believe this outrage warrants ‘special attention’, don’t you?

This charge is something new and very dangerous; it is a brazen and malicious lie fabricated to slander, victimise and persecute a BNP councillor solely because of her popularity with her constituents and the local electorate. If they can get away with this, they really can get away with ANYTHING!

I’m asking you to dig deep to ensure we can deliver that hammer blow to Labour in Maryport. 

The BNP looks after its own, and it’s up to us to take up Dawn’s corner and teach those Labour bullies a lesson they won’t forget!

Please make a donation today to Dawn's Fighting Fund or call the BNP donation hotline on 0844 809 4581 to make your donation over the phone – every penny you can afford  afford will go towards helping provide her with the very best legal defence.

If we let Labour get away with this, they really can get away with ANYTHING!

It's up to us to make sure they're stopped!

Many thanks!

Adam Walker
BNP Chairman
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